Offered topics for theses

Hybrid systems verification

SMT solving

  • Breaking symmetries in SAT-modulo-theories formulas (contact: Gereon Kremer)
  • Non-linear optimization in SAT-modulo-theories solving (contact: Gereon Kremer)
  • Developing and implementing a satisfiability-equivalent transformation approach from the MiniZinc specification language into the SMT-LIB2 standard input format (contact: Gereon Kremer)
  • The development and implementation of a theory solver module for floating-point arithmetic in the SMT solver library SMT-RAT (contact: Erika Abraham)
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating different variable ordering heuristics for arithmetic theory decision procedures in SMT solving (contact: Erika Abraham)
  • A novel improvement for the virtual substitution decision procedure for linear real arithmetic (contact: Erika Abraham)
  • Synthesizing controllers for robot fleets in production logistics scenarios using SMT solving (contact: Erika Abraham)
  • Extending the SMT-LIB2 benchmark library for non-linear real and integer arithmetic (contact: Erika Abraham)
  • Generating explanations for unsatisfiability in SMT solving (contact: Erika Abraham)

Probabilistic systems

  • Probabilistic model repair for safe robot control (contact: Erika Abraham)
  • Probabilistic modeling of robot fleets in production logistics scenarios (contact: Erika Abraham)
  • Safety analysis for probabilistic hybrid systems (contact: Erika Abraham)


In progress

Please ask your supervisor for our checklist with information for thesis students.

  • Sabrina Kielmann, “Classifying current reachability analysis tools for hybrid systems” (Master thesis, supervision: Erika Ábrahám, Stefan Schupp)
  • Jasper Nalbach, “Embedding the virtual substitution in the MCSAT framework” (Bachelor thesis, supervision: Erika Ábrahám)
  • Marta Grobelna, SAT-modulo-theories solving for pseudo-Boolean constraints. (Bachelor thesis, supervision: Erika Ábrahám, Gereon Kremer)
  • Christopher Lösbrock, “Solving Difference Logic” (Bachelor thesis, supervision: Erika Ábrahám, Gereon Kremer, Matthias Volk)
  • Jakob Gelhard, “Connecting Maple and SMT-RAT to join the strengths of computer algebra systems and SMT solving” (Bachelor thesis, supervision: Erika Ábrahám, Gereon Kremer)