Lab: Web Application for Exercise Generation

Motivation: Performing exercise tasks to process concepts taught in lectures is a fundamental task required in the process of learning. While part of learning is repetition, practical application helps to understand and remember lecture contents. Commonly, exercise sheets for lectures are used to fulfill this task. The drawback of these exercise sheets is, that they have to be created manually, which usually puts a tight limit on the number of provided tasks.

In contrast to many other fields, in computer science most taught concepts and methods can easily be implemented in code. In this practical term we want to exploit this property to be able to easily provide large numbers of exercise tasks on demand.

Goals: The goal of this practical term is to create a web application accessible for students which allows to easily create exercise tasks beyond exercises on exercise sheets. Based on exercises for the lecture “Modeling and analysis of hybrid systems” we will create a modular framework for the randomized exercise generation. Our focus lies on providing an easy-to-use framework which can be extended for other lectures as well.

If you are interested in programming such a web application or want to put algorithms from “Modeling and analysis of hybrid systems” to practice, this lab might be something for you.

If you have further questions, please contact Stefan Schupp