Marco Weber

Erika Abraham at DIFTS’15

Erika Abraham will serve on the Program Committee of the International Workshop on Design and Implementation of Formal Tools and Systems (DIFTS’15).

Erika Abraham at FMi’15

Erika Abraham is a program committee member of FMi’15.

Erika Abraham at SCSC’15

Erika Abraham is a PC member of SCSC’15.

Aachener Informatiktage 2015

From 5th to 8th March 2015 we organize the “Aachener Informatiktage 2015″ in cooperation with the MINT EC association. This Workshop brings former informatic skills to young, interested students. Find out more at AIT 2015.

Paper accepted at NFM 2015

Our paper “A Benchmark Suite for Hybrid Systems Reachability Analysis” by Xin Chen, Stefan Schupp, Ibtissem Ben Makhlouf, Erika Abraham, Goran Frehse, and Stefan Kowalewski was accepted at NFM’15. In the last two decades, a wide range of hybrid systems reachability analysis techniques were proposed in the literature and implemented in powerful tools. However, the […]

Paper accepted at NFM 2015

Our paper “A Greedy Approach for the Efficient Repair of Stochastic Models” by Shashank Pathak, Erika Ábrahám, Nils Jansen, Armando Tacchella, and Joost-Pieter Katoen was accepted at NFM’15. The paper addresses the problem of model repair for parametric discrete-time Markov chains which consists of changing a model with minimal costs such that a desired property […]

Seed fund project starts

Seed fund project “Modellierung und Optimierung von Offshore-Windparks” is about to start. The project target is to optimize the layout of offshore windparks with minimization of costs. In cooperation with the group of Prof. Dr. Frank the non-linear ‘wake’ of the wind engines has to be paramaterized to simulate the best layout. “Modellierung und Optimierung […]

Erika Abraham at SIMUL’15

Erika Abraham is a PC member of SIMUL’15.

Erika Abraham at FFM’15

Erika Abraham is a PC member of FFM’15.

Erika Abraham at QEST’15

Erika Abraham is a PC member of QEST’15.