Praktikum: Control strategies for hybrid vehicles

Control Strategies for Hybrid Vehicles


Parallel hybrid vehicle

The aim of this course is to develop algorithms for the optimal control of hybrid propulsion systems. Hybrid propulsion systems consist of at least two kind of propulsion systems. The control of hybrid propulsion systems should combine the engines in such a way that the required driving force is achieved while the overall energy consumption is minimized. We consider parallel hybrid cars that are equipped with a combustion and an electrical engine.

We will implement new control strategies using optimization methods from the areas of control theory and artificial intelligence.
Since most optimization methods are quite time consuming, such strategies will not be online capable. We will use different techniques, such as incremental versions of the algorithms or state space reduction or methods, to create online capable control strategies.

We developed a mathematical model of a hybrid vehicle an will provide a C++ library for realistic simulations of the implemented control strategies.

Appointment Times

The date for the preliminary discussion will be announced soon.

During the semester, there will be a bi-weekly meeting (mandatory).

Required Skills

Basic programming skills in C++ are required.
Additionally, knowledge of optimization methods like Genetic Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, etc. are most welcome.

Contact Information

If you have any questions concerning this lab, please contact Johanna Nellen.