Two tanks


# of variables # of modes # of jumps
2 4 7
Type Continuous dynamics Guards & Invariants Resets
hybrid linear polynomial hyperplane & half-space identity


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Model description

The considered benchmark presented in Fig.1(a) consists of two tanks. The liquid in the first tank comes from two outside sources: a constant inflow source and a second source equipped with a controlled valve valve1, with flows Q_0 and  Q_1 respectively. A drain placed at the bottom of tank 1 allows the liquid to flow into tank 2 with flow Q_A.

Tank 2 is itself equipped with two drains. In the first one a pump is placed to assure a constant liquid outflow Q_B whereas the flow in the second one Q_2 is controlled by an electro-valve valve2.Both valves can take the states On/Off. This results consequently in four possible discrete modes for the hybrid automaton. The liquid levels in tank i is given by x_i.


The dynamics of the above system is defined by the following differential equations:

    \[\dot{x}_1 = \left\{ \begin{array}{l l} -x_1-2 + [-0.1,0.1] & \quad \text{if $valve_1$ is Off}\\ -x_1+3 + [-0.1,0.1] & \quad \text{if $valve_1$ is On} \end{array} \right. \] \[\dot{x}_2 = \left\{ \begin{array}{l l} x_1+ [-0.1,0.1] & \quad \text{if $valve_2$ is Off}\\ x_1-x_2-5+ [-0.1,0.1] & \quad \text{if $valve_2$ is On} \end{array} \right. \]

Reachability settings

We consider an initial set of

  • x_1 \in [1.5,2.5]
  • x_2 = 1

and the starting location off\_off, a time horizon $T=5s$, and a time step $r=0.1s$ . The set of bad states are all states, where x_2 <= -0.7.


Fig.2 shows the flowpipes computed for the above-mentioned parameters using a) HyReach and b) SpaceEx. The results given in Fig. 2 show tightness difference between the two obtained flowpipes, although both proposed tools are based on the same reachability analysis technique using support functions.

Flowpipe of Two-Tank System
Figure 2: Flowpipe of the two-tank system


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